This Mexican entrepreneur is the founder of Machina, a company dedicated to creating garments that allow people to have a multi-sensory experience

2. Jimena Flórez, creating sustainable jobs and products

Jimena Flórez is the founder of Chaak Healthy Snacks, a healthy snack company.

3. Blanca Treviño, leading the information technology business

In the big leagues of women entrepreneurs, you can find Blanca Treviño, a Mexican businesswoman who is president of Softtek, one of the most important Latin American companies in the field of information and communication technology.

4. Danae Ringelmann, driving crowdfunding investments

5. Nicole Junkermann is an international entrepreneur and investor,

Focused on identifying opportunities to disrupt traditional business models through industry-defining technologies.
Born in Germany and based in London, Nicole has built a deep and SEGUIR diverse business network across Europe, the US and Asia.

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